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The New Norm

As restrictions are beginning to be lifted and things are slowly starting to get back to some sort of normal, it has us wondering, will our new altered lives become the new norm?

There is an eager desire to get some type of normality back in our lives but are there things that we want to keep from our new way of living? And what do we want to get back from our old ways if we can?

We can all agree lockdown has been extremely testing and challenging at times, whether that be personally, in business, or both. Self-reflection has never been so paramount and maybe you’ve realised you’re more of an introverted person than expected. Maybe you’ve realised that you actually work better isolated alone with no one to distract you? Have your habits changed? Sleeping routine? Exercise routine (especially after baking all those banana breads)?

Even when it comes to socialising, have you been lucky enough to be in lockdown with family or friends? If so, have you liked it? Reality is, we’ve probably spent more time socialising (at a distance or on zoom) with the people we love, more than usual, because we have had the time to do so. Is this something that you’ve enjoyed? The one thing we’re all guilty of is ‘not having enough time’ – but these past few months have certainly eliminated that problem.

Here at Nexus, we have had to change the way we work like all of us. We’ve all got used to the team calls via Zoom and are still going strong with hosting weekly catchup quizzes and drinks to still give us that ‘Friday Feeling’. We have also recently started meeting up for a walk once a week for a chance to see each other in person instead of through a computer or phone screen!

One thing we will take out of this is how important its been to have each other as support, and we will continue to ensure that we still maintain these things going forward.

Which leads us to the question, what is your new norm? What things will you be taking forward with you and what will you revert back to?