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Delegate packs

Historically, the delegate conference bag is the first gift you give to your attendees. Since the start of the global pandemic crisis, we have seen an increase in virtual conferences and with the Delegate Pack, those all important promotional items can still be delivered directly to your delegate.

Whether it’s the conference bag or the other items in the pack – make it matter. Imagine how you could increase the image of your organisation and offer sponsorship by sending your attendees a pack filled with unique and useful items.

If you are unsure about whether an item should be included, put yourself in your attendees’ shoes. What might you want or need? Make sure your pack is filled with products that are meaningful, functional and relevant. The trick to pleasing attendees with successful conference gifts is to consider all the angles that matter most.

Choose from the following 5 options or ask us about designing your own unique pack!

Delivery to the UK and EU included.

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