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What’s new?

The Iona Collection

A brand new addition to our eco range, this collection is made from sustainable and durable Flax material (derived from linen fibers) and includes the Iona Conference Tote Bag, the Iona Messenger Bag and the Iona Venue Bag.

How is Flax made?

Step 1 – From planting to harvest, Flax takes around 15 weeks.

Step 2 – Harvesting (either by hand or via machine) is done when the stems turn yellow.

Step 3 – Once harvested, the leaves and seeds are seperated from the stalks.

Step 4 – The inner fibers are seperated from the other fibers and are combed into strands                       ready for spinning.

Step 5 – When the fibers have been spun on a spinning frame, the resulting yarn is reeled.

Step 6 – Once dried, the yarn can then be dyed and used for a number of different textile products including                  our brand new Iona bags!

Oxford Business Backpack

Part of the Oxford Collection, this brand new backpack offers comfort, style and security!

Fitted with our unique double clip attachments, this backpack can be worn both inwards and outwards protecting valuables and giving peace of mind when commuting.