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Grow Your Brand with Our Seeded Products

Did you know we also offer a range of Plant-Based Sustainable Promotional Products that will Grow Your Event? 🌱📚♻️🪴💚

Delegates are always on the look out for something unique and memorable and that’s why our range of Seeded promotional products are perfect for your event!

We want to help our customers promote and grow their brand and what better way than a gift with a positive impact on the environment.

Completely sustainable and non-toxic with a water soluble seed capsule in place of the eraser so when the pencil runs out, it can be planted! Brand with your logo or slogan by engraving or colour printing. Fully customised packaging also available.

A6 Eco Paper Postcards made from recycled waste paper that grow into plants whilst the paper biodegrades. No waste is left behind – making them an eco-friendly alternative for a commonly disposed of promotional item.

4 colour printing both sides with the inner featuring clear and step by step growing instructions.

Budget friendly and foil sealed for a long shelf life.

Seeds can be either floral, herbaceous or fruits and vegetables* 🌿🍎🥕