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Looking after you

On Saturday 10th October 2020, it is World Mental Health Day which helps to raise awareness and get people talking about mental health. (

Mental health has a huge impact on our lives and in the current climate, it is more important than ever that we are looking after ourselves and each other.

“1 in 4 adults will experience a mental illness at some point each year in the UK” (

Here at Nexus Collections, we believe that it is important that we speak up about this topic as it can help you personally and help others facing their own challenges.

To get the conversation started, we want to share some of our top tips on how to look after the most important thing, which is you!

1. Outdoors 

Try getting fresh air in those lungs and having a little bit of exercise each day. Whether it’s running or walking at whatever pace, those endorphins will be flowing!

2. Communicate

Have a chat with your friends, family, or work colleagues over a cuppa (sticking to the social distancing guidelines of course) OR, have a chat over facetime!

As the old saying goes ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.

The mental health foundation has a ‘Tea and Talk’ which you can get involved in here:

3. Be healthy

Getting the nutrients that your body needs to function can make you feel so much better physically and mentally.

Make sure to keep hydrated too!

4. Time out

Have a little break away from your work every now and then.

Whether you’re working from home or back in the workplace, go and make yourself that well deserved drink and have a time out for 10 minutes!

5. YOU time

Focus on something that you enjoy doing like baking, walking, or even learning a musical instrument and get stuck in!

Whatever it is, just try and make some time for YOU. ­­

Jacqui (Director) has learnt to play the Banjo in lockdown, she says “I’ve always dreamt of having the time to learn a musical instrument and adore the Banjo and Ukele so I have used my time during lockdown to immerse myself in this passion. When i’m playing, I think of nothing else other than the music which helps me to switch off. I’m not quite concert hall ready but it’s a dream!”

Molly (Marketing Manager) absolutely loves getting outdoors and going for walks. She says, “I think walking is really theraputic for me as it gives me time to process my thoughts and reflect. It also makes me feel great afterwards! Being able to see and explore new and old places is exciting especially when they have views like the one from the top of the Lawley!”

Further guidance and information can be found on