Protect your event against Covid cancellation… Reserve stock without commitment … no cost incurred until we start to print …. Branding done on site within 5 working days … last minute commitment.


We hold over 70 difference styles and over 110,000 bags and folders in our UK warehouse.


Choose your item and reserve the quantity (you can flex this nearer to the event). Your price is set at this point but you are not committed until you confirm the order, up to five days in advance of your event.


Agree your artwork with us, so that we can give you a fixed price for the branding, we will give you the most cost effective method of branding your product whether that is by screen printing, manual screen printing and full-colour heat transfer prints. There is no commitment at this point you are only committed when you place the order.


We can Brand you products, whether that is by screen printing or heat transfer and dispatch them within 5 working days. You are only committed to the product once we have branded it!!


Because we brand everything ourselves in house, we can print a few more at the last minute so you can order the exact number you require and avoid any waste.


We can send our products worldwide, just allow enough time for them to arrive for your event


For further details please call on +44 (0)3330 200 515 or email us on [email protected]