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Screen print a bag with us!

Screen printing is a hand craft and we’re so proud that we offer this service to our customers! The process takes time but it’s so worth it!

Take a look here:

1️⃣Artwork is prepared to show how it looks on the bag
2️⃣It’s resized to 100% scale for printing and any details get thickened to ensure the best quality print
3️⃣Logo / artwork is then printed off on a specific film and then taken to the printer aka. Bob
4️⃣The film is then attached to the screen is put in the exposure unit to expose the stencil ready for printing
5️⃣The screen is then jet washed ready for the ink to be applied
6️⃣We take time to measure to ensure the positioning of the logo is exact
7️⃣Apply the ink and VOILAAAA
8️⃣The printed bag is then put on the racks to dry ready to dispatch!

What do you think?!

The bag we have used in this is the AS3900 which is currently on offer 🎉

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