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We love sustainability

Our newest member of staff, Andrew Batten has recently shared the below story about a small tree that he had recieved from the ABPCO awards. 

“It’s been over a month since ABPCO held its virtual Excellence Awards, I hope everyone enjoyed their virtual event packages. I can’t believe it’s been over a year ago since the ABPCO Chairmen’s Lunch and Excellence Awards at the ICC Wales.

You may remember how great the event was, and that sustainability was the main focus. Thank you again to Heather Lishman and everyone else involved.

To the ABPCO members who attended, you might remember the fantastic gifts we received, one of which was a small tree to be planted at home.

I have some pictures of mine and would like to share this space and encourage you to post pictures of yours ….. if you still have it.

Looking at this, the younger tree on the left from Jan 2020, actually looks healthier than the older tree Jan 2021 ….. maybe you could say a tough COVID year experienced by the tree also.

Over all, I think this shows a true reflection of resilience in the face of adversity and is a perfect analogy of our own ability to keep growing and moving forwards even when times are hard.

Looking forward to seeing how 2021 develops and how the MICE industry transforms through these changing times.”

If you planted your tree after this event like Andy, please let us know by sending or sharing your images with us on social media! We would love to see how they have turned out.